Troubleshooting Electric Motors – Part 1

Breakdown causes by electric motor failures always happen in our operation due to of 2 major factors.It is Mechanical component defect and Electrical circuit failure.

Typical instruments used for troubleshooting motor operation problems include a Multimeter, Clamp-on Meter,Insulation Resistance Meter, and Infrared Thermometer. These instruments are used to measure voltage,current, resistance, insulation resistance, and temperature.

But when we involve for electrical testing,it have a risk and can lead to injury or electrical shock.We must aware during handling electric motor and to reduce the risk we need to follow safety procedure to avoid any incident by certain to :-

1)  Disconnect main power supply to the motor and complete lockout and tag-out procedures before performing service or maintenance.

2) Discharge all capacitors and VFD before servicing the motor cause it is stored some high of voltage.

3) Use proper clothing or jacket during performing servicing or maintenance. Always keep hands and clothing away from moving parts.

4)  Aware with surrounding area from any hazards and be sure required safety guards are in place before starting equipment.

5) Never work on energized equipment unless this is absolutely necessary for examination, adjustment,servicing, or maintenance.

6) Always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and use appropriate tools and equipment.

7) Never work on energized equipment alone. Always have a partner working with you, in case of emergency.


Introduction for troubleshooting

The basic motor system consists of the power supply, controller, motor, and driven load. When a motor problem occurs, it is first necessary to find which of the parts of the system is at fault.

Power supplies and controllers can fail as well as the motor itself. Mechanical loads can increase because of an increased size of the load the motor is driving, or failure of bearings or coupling mechanisms.Mechanical overloading is a prime cause of motor failure.

I will discuss further about Troubleshooting Guide for Electric Motors in my next part 2 of troubleshooting electric motors.I’ll include with troubleshooting method,technical guide,failure symptom and troubleshooting chart for single phase and three phase motor.



  1. Trouble shooting motors can be an absolute nightmare especially when having to conduct an electrical test on all the small components that are inside them but thats why you hire a professional

  2. Did you do Troubleshooting Guide for Electric Motors in my next part 2 yet? I couple not find it here on your site. Maybe you can reply with link. Thanks


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