Troubleshooting technique part 2

This time i want discuss about second phase of troubleshooting technique,it is a problem solving.This step will begin after we completed the first step,situation analysis.I already discuss on my last post.

To ensure the problem solving step is successfully,we must done the situation analysis completely and collect the detail information.The best way is by performing the WHY WHY ANALYSIS.

From the data,we can make the summary and get ideas how to solving the problem and for further investigation if any problem still exist.

How to perform the problem solving technique?

The first step in problem solving is to get organized.Collected all necessary manual books,user guide,manufacturing handbooks,schematic diagram,specification books or others things that can help us generate information to solving the problems.

From this things, we can identified and get the some clear picture how to solve the problem or what is the root cause of the breakdown.Normally manufacturing already made a troubleshooting references in their user guide or service manual for the machine.It can help we to do the troubleshooting works easily and more faster to solved the problem exists.

From my experience,the user guides or machine manuals has a lot help me to solved the machine trouble and made my troubleshooting jobs more easier and i can save a lot of time to checked unnecessary matters.I suggested,PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE… read the user manual or machine guide line before perform a troubleshooting tasks.

The second step is begin by doing the following :-

1) Describe or elaborate details the problem.

2) Make a comparison about the problem situation with the operating condition prior to the breakdown.

3) Listed all the differences such as symptom,appearance,any smell or abnormal sound when defect occurred.

4) Compare the ” what is ” with the ” what is not ” about anything from the machine or equipment.

5) Listed any matters or suspected cause and using the ” 5 WHY’s ” method to search the root cause.

6) Make a analysis about differences angles of the problem or indirect relationships.

From this all steps,we have a details information and data to find the root cause.With additional information from situation analysis that we have done before,we can make a summary and can determined the root cause of the problems.

I will explain more detail about the last step of troubleshooting technique,DECISION MAKING in my next post….

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