How to charge air-condition refrigerant R22 ?

Charging refrigerant for Air-Condition

This time i`m show in my video,How to charge or refill air-condition refrigerant R22.

The tools you must have :-

  • Manifold gauge
  • R22 Gas
  • Adjustable wrench

Please watch my video.It very easy to do it our self.The important thing is SAFETY FIRST.Please wear your safety glass or related PPE.

If any question,feel free to comment :D


  1. Sir .. Thanks for unloading the video on r22 charging.I have questions? Whether I should charge refrigerant on liquid form or vapor form. Many technician say liquid form … I am confused and new to this field..

    • C.C.W Darrance says

      If the system use R22 refrigerant ,you can only charge in vapor form .But for new model & inverter air con which uses R410A must be charge in liquid form .

  2. Girish Kumar Satapathy says

    After vaccume how i charge the refrigerant ? Some technician saying after vaccume 1st charge the refrigerant without starting the compressor and when suction n discharge pipe looking moisture then start the compressor and charge the refrigerant but i am confuse so kindly suggest.

    • C.C.W Darrance says

      After vacuum the gas piping, fill the system with refrigerant first until 120psig in vapor form . Then late turn on the air con until the compressor start to run. When it starts to run ,you’ll see the liquid line has a frost on the liquid line.That’s normal on the system that is completely low on refrigerant . Normally ,when the pressure reaches 55psig the ice will melt off.But make sure you purge the yellow line before you charge the refrigerant into your air con system.Also make sure to use a clamp meter to monitor the running amps to prevent the system from being overcharged.(refer the running amps the side panel of the outdoor unit.)

      • C.C.W Darrance says

        When vacuuming the gas piping , make sure the pressure in pulled til at -30in Hg .
        Pull vacuum for at least 15 minutes if the total piping is not longer than 10 Meters.
        After 15 minutes ,close the manifold gauge low side handle , shut down the vacuum pump. Leave the system in that condition for 5 minutes.If the needle does rise to 0 psig ,there is a leak in either the flare is not formed properly or the flare nut is tighten properly.

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